Missing Chelsea woman found safe, family grateful

CHELSEA, AL (WBRC) - The family of a missing Chelsea woman is very thankful that she was found alive after she crashed her car down an embankment and spent 36 hours alone in the woods.

Lisa Holman was found alive Sunday after a team of volunteers located her not far from the crash site.

Her sister, who had searched for her since early Saturday morning, was there as Holman was brought to an ambulance.

"I just got on top of that ATV, got right down in front of her face and I just said hey you, we've been looking for you. And she just got that smile and started crying, and I think she knew everything was going to be ok.  I could tell she could tell everything was going to be ok when she saw my face," said Kathy Caufield, Holman's Sister

According to Pelham police, the crash happened in their city on County Road 36 just before 10:00 pm Friday.

They said Holman was disoriented from the crash, and because it was so dark she could not find her way back to her vehicle.  She got lost in the woods and while she tried to get out Saturday she was unsuccessful.

It wasn't until she heard her name being called Sunday morning that she was able to find a search party who got her to safety.

"You know how she got there and what happened that's pretty interesting. But the greatest thing about this story is it's kind of a human interest story. I think we witnessed a miracle," said Pelham Police Chief Larry Palmer.

Two of the men in the search party, Ray Franklin and Anthony Berryman, visited Holman on Monday. According to her sister, Berryman heard Holman calling out and was the first one to her. The reunion was emotional.

"Seeing her, see him, and him just being able you know, know that what he did.  He thought I'm just wasting my time out here. We are not going to find her.  And then he said, there she was," said Caufield.

Community leaders say over 500 people showed up early Sunday to help in the search.

"People really care about each other. They'll come out and help their neighbor and that's what you saw. So it was really nice to see that and with over 500 volunteers at the high school, showing up to look for somebody they might never have met," said Scott Weygand, Chelsea City Council.

Holman's family says she has several broken bones and was in some pain Monday. She was expected to have surgery in the afternoon.  

They are extremely grateful that she is going to be alright, and thankful for everyone who came to help.  

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