Juuling, a new trend, could prove dangerous

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - There's a new practice some fear may get more kids to eventually smoke without them ever lighting up.

It's called Juuling.

One anti-smoking advocate says it's happening here in Tuscaloosa now.

Juuls are Electronic cigarettes that could also be used for vaping.

That means using electricity to heat water and inhale the vapor.

They can resemble a smart phone charger or possibly a thumb drive.

And they can contain small amounts of nicotine too.

Anti-smoking advocates believe they might be somewhat of a gateway to smoking for youngsters who aren't smoking yet.

Derek Osborn, Executive Director of Pride of Tuscaloosa which stands for Parents Resource Institute Drug Education, worried kids may be willing to try Juuls because they think it's safer than lighting up.

"And while smoking has gone down, which is a good thing, vaping has actually gone up. So you've got these kids that are doing this stuff and they don't realize, I don't think they realize what they're doing which is essentially they're getting addicted to nicotine," Osborn explained.

Juuls also come in different flavors like candy.

That's another reason some worry kids may be more likely to try them.

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