Avondale School reopens after closing due to flu

AVONDALE, AL - It's back to hitting the books at Avondale Elementary.

The school was closed Friday to allow cleaning crews to disinfect the building after a large number of flu cases.

There was good news Monday as the principal at Avondale School said there were only about three student absences today. That's a big d rop off from last week with students and teachers checking out due to the flu.

The school was the only school in the Birmingham school system to close because of the number of flu cases.

It was pretty much back to normal at Avondale School on the Southside. School Principal Courtney Nelson took part in an early morning walk-through. She believes everyone is on the mend. Nelson is calling the cleaning a success but she says it's still on students and their parents to practice safety skills such as hand washing to keep the building healthy.

Still Nelson believes they have learned a valuable lesson for flu season next year.

"I think cleaning the school, we implemented during the flu season will be something we will do proactivity next year versus reactivity and just learning different things," Nelson said.

Principal Nelson said they will offer a free round of mist to fight off the flu again near the end of February for all students. She believes more students will take them up on the mist this time around.

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