"Jackpotting" hackers stealing money at ATMs in a matter of seconds

"Jackpotting" hackers stealing money at ATMs in a matter of seconds
Source: WBRC Video

. - A new wave of attacks are hitting ATMs across the country. In some cases, wiping them of money. Once popular overseas, "jackpotting" has now made its way to the U.S. and into the Birmingham area.

The Secret Service says thieves install malicious software into ATMS and that forces the machines to spit out large amounts of cash in a matter of seconds. The Secret Service says crooks usually team up to make this jackpot-style crime happen. We're told some even put on ATM technician jackets to make it seem like the are just working on the machine.

"The criminals are manipulating the hardware that's inside the access panel..changing out some information and basically rigging the machine to be able to spit that money out when a basic 1234 pin code is entered," Assistant Special Agent in Charge Robert Holloway with the Secret Service's Birmingham field office said. ""It can be tied to folks individual accounts but we don't see that necessarily as much. It has to do more so with the machines being tricked if you will in order to spit the money out."

Holloway says "jackpotting" is primarily happening at the stand alone ATM's and not those physically connected to a bank. If you see suspicious looking folks lingering around an ATM, call police immediately.

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