Three pizza delivery drivers robbed in the last two weeks

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Just days after a delivery driver was shot while delivering a pizza, we've learned there have been several similar incidents within the last two weeks.

"It's people who are just working hourly jobs trying to make a living-trying to make a way in life and they're being taken advantage of and it's just such a devastating thing," says Joshua Bruner.

He knows the dangers delivery drivers face every day. He used to do the job himself, and as the owner of Johnny Brusco's New York Style Pizza in Vestavia, he used to manage delivery drivers.

That is until the company stopped delivering a couple of years ago, due in part to safety concerns.

"A lot of the locations people were calling from were deemed unsafe--I deemed unsafe locations or locales I didn't think employees should be going to because of the areas and neighborhoods, they didn't have the proper protections," he says.

He can recall the 2014 death of Domino's Pizza delivery driver Najeh Masaeid.

More recently, in just the last week and a half, Birmingham police say three delivery drivers have been robbed, including one who was robbed and shot Wednesday night.

"It's been normally the same thing--you'll have an address and the delivery person will show up and attempt to do their job and in the process, they're getting robbed somehow," said Bruner.

Some safety tips Bruner used to tell his drivers: Don't carry more than $20 if possible.

"Knowing the community itself, knowing to stay on well-lit roads, staying near main access road, having wisdom and foresight of situations that would put them in harm's way," he also encouraged.

Sgt. Shelton also advises drivers to not be embarrassed if they don't feel safe in the home they're going to but encourages them to be honest and tell their supervisor.

As for these most recent cases, police are still searching for suspects.

At this time, they don't know if the cases are connected.

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