Homewood Greenway becoming State Birding Trail

Homewood Greenway becoming State Birding Trail

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - Just steps away from the rushing traffic on Lakeshore, is a hidden gem, where the sounds of wheels on the pavement and honking horns is drowned out by the beautiful sounds of Alabama birds.

Now the Shades Creek Nature trail is being honored, by being added to the Alabama Birding Trail list. The scenic oasis trail meanders for three miles along the banks of Shades Creek. It's hard to find a tree without a bird's nest in it, and bird enthusiasts, joggers, bikers, and walkers enjoy it during most daylight hours of the year.

The Greenway offers bird watchers the chance to explore floodplain habitats, without leaving the city. The tree canopy here is different than other parts of the city, and includes species like the American Sycamore and Box Elder, which are more typical of riverside forests. Signs will soon be installed letting pedestrians know about bird-watching opportunities.

The trail is flat and runs from Brookwood Blvd near Highway 31 to Greensprings Highway/Columbiana Road. There are water fountains and parking spaces at both ends of the trail.

The Birding Trails include more than 270 spots across Alabama for prime bird watching, including the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, Lake Purdy and other Jefferson County sites.

To see a list and map of Alabama Birding Trails click here: alabamabirdingtrails.com

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