Schools ask parents to disinfect student items before returning to school

CULLMAN COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Parents in Cullman are being asked to pitch in and help fight an outbreak of flu cases. The county school system is closed until next week to allow the personnel to disinfect the schools.

In Good Hope, the High School is quiet since no one is there. The gym is busy as some students with a day off are going to play basketball.

"We were excited at first, but it's kind of sad because all of these people are out with the flu and stuff so it's kind of tough," Isaac McDonald, a senior at Good Hope High School said.

Cullman County schools estimate about 1,000 students are out sick with the flu plus teachers and support personnel. That is why the schools were closed for the rest of the week.

"I think the shutting down part is a good thing for that, but they should have done it sooner before it actually got to this level," Karen Roden, a mother with a child at Good Hope Middle School said.

Like Vincent Schools in Shelby County, Cullman county crews are wiping down their schools to help reduce infections. Still, parents are being asked to do the same with their children's school materials before they are sent back to school.

"Oh yeah. They want them to Lysol their stuff and use hand sanitizers. That is a good practice anyway for any kind of stuff like that," Roden said.

While the flu continues to be a problem, McDonald says just keeping the schools disinfected in not good enough.

"We need to disinfect our schools, but also our homes. Just everything in your household that you have your hands on," McDonald said.

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