Mother looking for nurse that saved her sons after horrible wreck

Mother looking for nurse that saved her sons after horrible wreck
Two young boys involved in a DUI crash are alive and recovering all thanks to what their mother calls a team of angels that showed up to help. (Source: WBRC Video)

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Hit by a suspected drunk driver, thrown from their car, and left on the cold pavement fighting for their life. The two young boys involved in a collision are alive and recovering  in the hospital all thanks to what their mother calls a team of angels that showed up to help.

It all start when she got the call that no parent wants to get, "your child was in a horrible accident and flown to the hospital."

This happened to Tammy Poindexter Monday night and over the last 48 hours she has found out about a whole team of people sent straight from heaven to save her two children.

"At that point I am thinking the worst. You are taking my children from me," she explains. She raced to the hospital and finally got to see them. "He had a ventilator in he was not breathing on his own at all. We didn't know he was going to make it," she recalls.

She says it was a miracle they survived.

After posting a Facebook video to update friends and family she slowly found out how her boys made it to the hospital alive. "They saw my post on Facebook and were like hey this was us," she starts to explain.

A group of people all traveling separately saw the accident and they hit the ground running. "Tyler and Kimberly Bennett, she is seven months pregnant, they saw it happen and Tyler drives his truck over there to stop traffic because he sees my kids in the road," she explains.

A nurse, three cars behind the accident runs to Braden who has no heartbeat to give him chest compressions until the ambulance gets there. An EMT off-duty rushed to Aidan trying to stop the bleeding. Poindexter says it's a miracle, "and for that many medical members to be there that was nothing but God."

She has spoken with all of them except for one. "Apparently there was another guy from UAB we don't know his name. I would love to find out who he is because they both give him a lot of credit really, they said that he came in and took charge you do this you take care of that. He saved my kids I owe him everything. I owe him everything," she says tearfully.

Thanks to the mini hospital they enacted on the side of Highway 431 her sons are alive today. "My children are my life. They are absolutely priceless. They don't realize how much they have changed my life they saved my sons. I could be sitting here today burying my sons. They will never know how much they mean to me they are family and I love them. They are complete strangers and I love them," Poindexter explains.

Aidan was released from the hospital Wednesday. The first thing he wanted to do was go and see his older brother Braden, who is expected to be released soon. Their mother really wants to thank that nurse from UAB. Anyone who knows anything about the nurse please give WBRC a call so we can get them in touch.

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