Tuscaloosa city schools working to keep a flu outbreak from sparking

Tuscaloosa city schools working to keep a flu outbreak from sparking

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Central High School Principal Dr. Clarence Sutton said they had quite a number of students and teachers out with the flu Wednesday. And at home is where he wants them to get better to keep a school outbreak from happening.

School custodian Linda Horne takes her job very seriously. She's well aware of the flu going around and does her part to keep it from spreading even more.

"I don't want to spread the germs back so if I get through washing the head down then I do the base board," Horne said.

Dr. Sutton said a clean building is only half the battle of not catching that infamous bug.

"When you feel the symptoms we try to get you home a teacher today was feeling warm and we're like please go get checked cause we don't want it to spread," he said.

So what if you miss so many days due to the flu? Well, Dr. Sutton said that falls under excused absences at the discretion of the school.

"We know accountability and missing days are important for those numbers however we feel people are more important," he said.

Dr. Sutton wants to make sure illnesses or even a family emergency does not affect a child's performance.

"No one can perform well if their ill but it not only affects them it affects the entire student body so we have to preventative we have to be sensitive," he said.

At least there's no doubt the school Horne said is cleaned thoroughly to keep these pesky germs to a  minimum

Dr. Sutton said for those students out with the flu they work on getting them caught up sometimes virtually or have school work sent home.

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