Tuscaloosa reports 4 sanitary sewer spills

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The city of Tuscaloosa reported four sanitary sewer spills Wednesday.

Some of the areas affected included at least one near a neighborhood.

The spills happened at a lift station near Cherrystone Circle, a lift station near Keenes Mill Road, a lift station near Jack Warner Parkway and in the 4400 block on Kauloosa Avenue.

A spokesperson says this won't affect tap water, but there are some dangers.

"Those in the affected areas should exercise caution cause there could be, could be health risks associated with water contaminated in the area," Jarrod Milligan told WBRC.

Sanitary sewer water did spill into some creeks and tributaries.

The city should have signage up in those areas to warn people those spills happened there.They said more than 160,000 gallons reportedly spilled due to heavy rains.

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