Drivers and city leaders debate bill that would ban traffic light cameras

Drivers and city leaders debate bill that would ban traffic light cameras

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - State lawmakers are debating a bill that would ban all traffic light cameras to make sure you don't get a surprise ticket in the mail.

And although those who support red light cameras say there are signs to warn drivers in towns like Tuscaloosa, others aren't satisfied and are excited a bill on the table might get rid of them.

Red light cameras are supposed to catch drivers not following the rules, but some drivers worry there is room for error.

"I find it strange that there's no human evaluation of the red light. There's no interplay between the technology and humanity," said Aaron Dues driver.

"Red light cameras kind of rub me the wrong way cause a police officer can understand the situation, but a camera is just a camera," said Dues.

If passed, House Bill 365 would prohibit cities from using any systems capable of recording or taking a picture of a license plate at a traffic light.

"People have a right to challenge it and people have," said Tuscaloosa Councilman Kip Tyner.

But overall Tyner believes it's done more good than harm.

"We had a significant number of people that were running red lights. There was a significant number of fatalities over the years too," said Tyner. "I think we should keep them, um I think we charge just a little too much. Some cities don't charge as much as we do."

And the money goes towards public safety, buying things like new emergency vehicles for the city.

Despite that, some drivers question if using the cameras is safe overall.

"People you know have to do something whether or not they are avoiding an accident from someone behind them," said Dues.

Another argument about the red-light cameras is punishing drivers who let someone else drive their car, when a red light was ran.

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