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Program teaches elementary student proper etiquette for job interviews

(Source: Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC) (Source: Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC)

You can call them life skills or soft skills.

But teachers say youngsters need more than the book knowledge that comes with reading, writing and arithmetic to be successful and get a job.

That's the goal of the Great Handshake at Tuscaloosa Central Elementary School.

Fifth graders learned the importance of shaking someone's hand the right way and looking them in the eye when speaking.

They did that and more during mock job interviews with officials from the school system.

Teachers hope this kind of practice will also build confidence in them when it comes to moving up to middle school and years later when they're on actual job interviews.

Above all, they want these kids to better express themselves without anxiousness or fear.

"And we feel if we put these skills before them at an early age, it'll be easy for them when they're older to do the same thing," Katherine Baxter, a fifth grade teacher, told WBRC.

There's also an aspect of showing kids how to behave in the workplace.

Some kids will also get to shadow Tuscaloosa City School employees at their job.

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