McWane Science Center takes extra precautions to keep germs at bay during busy flu season

McWane Science Center takes extra precautions to keep germs at bay during busy flu season

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It's a family favorite hangout. But it can also be a place where germs love to be shared.

So how does the McWane Science Center continue to provide fun while fighting germs.

"Health and safety is a concern of ours every day of the year, not just during a high epidemic time. For us, this is all year round," says Katie Baasen, a spokesperson for the center.

Still, Baasen says, they are cognizant of how rampant the flu has been this season and they've taken some extra precautions to help prevent the spread of germs.

One of those measures is placing hand sanitizer near the elevators and in some high traffic areas and they've doubled up on the stations.

Baasen says they've tried to be strategic in where they've placed them to allow people time to not only use it, but allow it to dry so it builds up that barrier between their hands and surfaces.

Crews also clean nightly with a strong alcohol based disinfectant.

And then there is an extra step they take by using what you could call a "flu-bomb" throughout the entire building.

"It is a disinfectant. It uses, much like a fogger does in your house, so it gets in a lot of cracks, crevices, a lot of surfaces the common person wouldn't be able to reach. Or wiping down each surface is very time consuming. So it is, I want to say, much more thorough, it covers every surface," Baasen explains.

Brian Ruffin, the Director of Environmental Services for McWane, says they'll do these deep cleanings once a week in heavy traffic areas, including the theater and they'll do them once a month in other areas.

But he also says these are just minor steps for protecting yourself.

Handwashing, he says, continues to be a must.

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