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New stadium could bring much more than sporting events to Birmingham, according to sports marketing experts

(Source: Hannah Ward/WBRC) (Source: Hannah Ward/WBRC)

Millions of taxpayer dollars on the line as Birmingham considers building a new stadium - and the final vote is Tuesday morning.

The stadium would be an extension of the BJCC and the city is offering up 90 million dollars to make it happen. We talked with sports marketing experts to see if this stadium is worth the investment.

Sports Marketing experts at Knight Eddy believe the new stadium could bring in more soccer games, neutral site football games, large outdoor concerts, and much more.

Michael Eady is the Co-Founder & Chief Officer of Knight Eady and he says events like these have been hard for Birmingham to host because of the lack of an updated stadium.

"I think facilities have been a little bit of a challenge for Birmingham especially as it relates to other comparable cities that have maybe passed us over the last 15 years," he explains.

But it takes much more than having a stadium to bring in big name events. 

"People lose sight of that outside of the facility, other infrastructure has to be in place to host these types of events. Hotels being a big part of that," he states.

Also restaurants and entertainment but if the stadium is built, Dr. Amanda Ross with the University of Alabama, says it will bring more of that with it.

“Restaurants and a lot of this bar activity that seems to focus in and could possible create a better nightlife in that area as a result of those stadiums,” she explains

"More people are going to be traveling into Birmingham even more and staying in our hotels and eating at our restaurants so there is a variety of different ways to produce income from something like this," Eady states.

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