Walker County having to pick up slack after Sipsey dissolved police department

Walker County having to pick up slack after Sipsey dissolved police department
(Source: Hannah Ward/WBRC)

SIPSEY, AL (WBRC) - Days after being shut down, Sipsey's Mayor said he's got "better things to worry about than the city's police department."

Walker County Sheriff's Office has no choice but to expand their territory to cover Sipsey because no calls are getting answered at the Sipsey Police Department.

Now, Sipsey 911 calls are redirecting to the Walker County Sheriff's Office. But Sheriff James Underwood says responding isn't all that easy.

"With three vehicles on the road, you stay extremely busy. We're shorthanded, we have 700 miles to cover. Sometimes our guys can be a long ways away," Sheriff Underwood explains.

Sheriff Underwood says until then, they will do the best they can with the resources that are available.

Sipsey Mayor Jerry Sadler didn't want to talk on camera, but provided the following statement:

There has been much misinformation being published and spread regarding the Sipsey Volunteer Fire Department and the Sipsey Police Department. The Office of the Mayor releases this statement to help clear any confusion. Misrepresentations were made on social media and to the public about the town "shutting down" the Volunteer Fire Department. That is untrue. The Fire Department was not closed. The Mayor terminated a couple members of the Fire Department and named an interim chief, but again, there was no "shut down" of the Fire Department.

Conswayla Scott lives in Sipsey and says the mayor is right about the town's police. Other people think the same.

"They are always like y'all's police. They're crazy, they're always pulling people over or they always got a roadblock or they're always this, they're always that," Scott says.

We tried to talk with other people in Sipsey, but they all feared repercussions if they said what they really thought.

Sipsey Police Chief Mareshah Moses says he's writing a letter to the council to request a hearing. No word yet on when that hearing would take place.

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