Health officials investigate four possible west Alabama flu deaths

Health officials investigate four possible west Alabama flu deaths

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama Department of Public Health is investigating four new possible flu deaths in west Alabama.

Wash your hands, sanitize, and get vaccinated it's what we've heard repeatedly this flu season, yet the virus isn't letting up.

"This is strong stuff," said Brad Fisher with DCH Regional Medical Center communications director.

So strong DCH Regional Medical Center saw their highest number of flu cases just last week: 258

Now they are asking families to have one visitor at the hospital at a time to limit the number of folks who could be bringing the flu inside.

"You could actually be infecting folks and walking around and not yet feeling bad," said Fisher.

"I stayed in my bed for a week because I was so sick, and it was so bad," said Jordan Carley college student.

Hearing about four people potentially dying from the flu in West Alabama has some wanting to be proactive.

"It's definitely concerning especially cause the professor died here a couple of weeks ago," said Carley.

The Family of John McDuffie an instructor at the University of Alabama said he passed away from the flu.

Now the health department is going through lab results, vaccine records and other data to help them pinpoint if the flu killed these other four people too.

"We're very disturbed about any death any patient. Ultimately putting this into a statistical database is not going to change that family's outcome," said Dr. Karen Landers with the Alabama Department of Public health.

Landers said confirming if the flu caused these four deaths will help them determine the strain and go towards future vaccination research.

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