Hoover residents frustrated over shooting that sits in area hard to patrol

Hoover residents frustrated over shooting that sits in area hard to patrol

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - For the most part, the James Hill neighborhood is a peaceful community, except for occasional nights.

"Sometimes we will get people who will party in the woods, so to speak, back behind our homes. And that partying, there will be some gunfire," says Rob Slane.

That area sits just below the neighborhood. The only way to access it--with an ATV or four-wheel drive vehicle.

Slane says when it first started, the gunfire was on the other side of a huge hill where there aren't any houses. But recently, that's changed.

"Last night happened to be different because the shots were happening within a line of sight of homes and only 100 to 200 yards away from those homes," said Slane.

So close, Slane had one of his children sleep in another bedroom, fearful that a bullet might have come into his room.

Neighbors have repeatedly called law enforcement when the shots ring out. But there's a problem. The area where the shooting happens is in unincorporated Jefferson County and where the homes sit, that's in the city of Hoover.

So there's not a lot either officers or deputies can do.

"That land itself is not posted as no trespassing--it's common use land area.  There's really not even a noise ordinance because of the fact it's in an unincorporated part of the county," Slane says.

So residents are doing what they can, asking those who are responsible to stop.

"We'd like for those who are doing this to vie us some consideration and not keep us up at night with their partying," said Slane.

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