Recent car break-ins prompt Hoover PD to remind you about locking cars

Recent car break-ins prompt Hoover PD to remind you about locking cars

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - It's a case where crooks are looking for easy quick cash. Sometimes, they hit cars at your home, but you need to watch out for your valuables while you're shopping, working out, or at the daycare.

On Thursday, a Hoover woman had her vehicle broken into at Inverness Corners off of 280 and Valleydale Road. She was inside working out at Orange Theory Fitness. Unfortunately, her purse was in the car and concealed by a jacket.

"Guy will walk by and you may have your car locked. If he looks in and sees something inside your car, he finds something he wants then he or she can get in it. They are going to get in it," Lt. Keith Czeskleba with the Hoover Police Department said.

Many of the shoppers in Inverness Corner may believe they are safe because a Hoover Police Department substation is nearby. Czeskleba says thieves are looking for a quick break in and run.

"The bad guys know people may be more apt to leave their valuables in the car at a gym or something like that or someplace they are going in for a quick visit," Czeskleba said.

Hoover Police suggest you take your purse or other valuables into a locked gym locker for safety or just carry your valuables with you if you are shopping. The police want you to report any suspicious activity or person. Hoover PD regularly patrols the area.

"Large parking like that is a potential area for that type of crime. So our officers are going to patrol the area as much as they can to prevent that from happening," Czeskleba said.

Police advised if you spot someone breaking into a vehicle to report it - don't try to intervene.

We reached out to Orange Theory Fitness and Bayer Properties for their concerns about the break-ins. We have yet to hear from them.

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