Tuscaloosa lawyer files dozens of lawsuits over opioid prescriptions

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Thick, heavy and time consuming this lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Tuscaloosa mirrors the opioid crisis it's battling against.

"It's an important day for Tuscaloosa County," Joshua Hayes told WBRC Friday.

Hayes, a partner with the Prince, Glover, Hayes law firm filed the lawsuit for Tuscaloosa County and several other municipalities.

They're suing more than dozen pharmaceutical companies they accuse of making dangerous drugs too easy for people to get their hands on.

"They over promoted, over marketed, negligently and recklessly marketed these products which were intended for end of life care. They're not supposed to be prescribed for everyday pain," Hayes explained.

The complaint called those marketing tactics "fraudulent misrepresentation and a drug related nuisance among other things."

It's part of a nationwide class-action lawsuit.

A victory in court or a settlement out of it could mean money for drug treatment or repayment for what it's cost municipalities to respond to opioid related crimes and medical emergencies.

"Almost every family has been impacted in some way because of addiction issues, crime issues, loss of productivity from a spouse or relative," Hayes said in closing.

The judge hearing the case wants attorney filing suit to work on a resolution.

If that doesn't work, the case would come back to Tuscaloosa for trial at some point.

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