Sipsey Police Chief: Mayor & councilor shut down police department with no warning

Sipsey Police Chief: Mayor & councilor shut down police department with no warning

SIPSEY, AL (WBRC) - The town of Sipsey is now without a police department and what's even worse - they found out about the department shut down through Facebook.

Mayor Jerry Saddler and Councilor Donald James hand-delivered a letter to Police Chief Mareshah Moses who says he had no warning.

"Well that would be the proper procedure first would be a verbal, second would be a written, the third would be a letter of termination," Chief Moses explains.

He says the first two warnings didn't happen. According to some of the other council members, they had no idea it was happening until after the fact.

In the letter, it states that the chief is defiant and does not follow the regulations for the reserve officers who are just volunteers for the police department because before Chief Moses brought them on, he was the only officer. "They were saying that I was not supervising them to the point where they thought I should be," he states.

But according to reserve officer Justin Gant, Chief Moses has strict guidelines and they would never respond to a scene without him there. "We would survey the situation and just make sure that everything was OK and if it wasn't, then we knew chief was right there with us to handle that situation accordingly," he explained.

But now their radios are silent and all the volunteer police officers and the chief are locked out of the police department. We stopped at a gas station to ask people living here what they think about the police station closing. After asking over a dozen people, no one would say anything on camera because they felt that what they really had to say about it might not be good for them in the long run.

We reached out to Mayor Sadler and Councilor James and were unable to get in touch with either of them. Chief Moses has 10 days to write a letter to the council asking them for a hearing and he plans to do so.

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