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Tuscaloosa County Schools encourage more parent involvement following report card release

Tuscaloosa County Schools. (Source: WBRC video) Tuscaloosa County Schools. (Source: WBRC video)

The grades are in and Tuscaloosa County schools got a C according to the report card on the state's website. So, what does it all mean and why should parents care?

“It’s not just a school report card it's as much a community report card because this is a shared responsibility between all of us we know our schools that do well have high level of parent involvement and engagement,” said Dr. Walter Davie.

“It's very important that the parents get involved in the school with their children that way we can what's going on,” said Bruce Parr Grandparent.

Bruce Parr wants to make sure his grandson gets a good quality education but recognizes he's a big part of that.

“The teacher she can only do so much for say 20 to 35 kids,” said Parr.

The report card score is based mainly on the Aspire test, but attendance, college career indicators, and graduation rates hold a percentage too.

“We do know there are things we need to improve on school system we want our kids to achieve at high levels.

For Tuscaloosa County schools the academic growth portion of the results is their strength.

“While we may not be where we want to be right now we're making good progress from one year to the next in direction of path in both reading and math,” said Davie.

To stay on the right track Superintendent Davie would like to see more stability and less change in the grading requirements.

“Teachers keep saying they are trying to address a target that continuously moves,” said Davie.

The good news is the state recognizes those concerns and is seeking input from parents between now and February 23rd to see what factors a school system should be judged on.

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