Alabama House votes to ban smoking in cars carrying minors

Alabama House votes to ban smoking in cars carrying minors

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - It could soon be against the law for you to smoke in a car with a minor.

Representatives on Tuesday voted 41-30 for the bill by Rep. Rolanda Hollis, a Democrat from Birmingham. The bill now moves to the Alabama Senate.

If they pass it, you could soon be fined $100 for lighting up a cigarette with your kiddos in the back seat. The purpose of the bill is to protect children from the high levels of smoke exposure that can lead to very serious health problems.

Representative Rolanda Hollis says she created the bill because adults can choose whether to smoke, she said children don't have any choice when they are riding in a confined space with a smoker.

Doctors say smoking around children is always harmful to their health but especially in cars.

"Anyone that is in the car gets exposed to such high levels of tobacco smoke and that is really what is so concerning to have that exposure in those enclosed spaces," Dr. Susan Walley with Children's Hospital explains.

Another recent high concern is third-hand smoke which is the risk after the cigarette is out that smoke still clings to the seats, clothes, or the carpet on the floorboards and can still release toxins into the air that are harmful to your health.

This bill is geared to protect children from both second and third-hand smoke.

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