Series of home break-ins in Hoover, Vestavia Hills

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Police in two Jefferson County communities are investigating after nine homes were broken into during the middle of the day.

The burglaries happened Tuesday and police believe they were all done by the same people.

Four homes were in Vestavia Hills.

"They didn't linger very long in any of these houses," said Lt. Chuck Nagle, Vestavia Hills Police.

The other five were in Hoover.

"We have reason to believe it's the same people," said Lt. Keith Czeskleba, Hoover Police.

Officers from both departments were working Wednesday to identify the individuals and their vehicle which apparently is a four-door Nissan with a bumper sticker on the rear.

"You never know what makes one burglar choose one house over the other.  But in our particular cases, the people did have their doors locked. 
 The majority of them had forced entry on the rear of the house," said Czeskleba.

In Hoover, police say the break-ins happened in neighborhoods near Shades Crest Road and Highway 150 all the way to the Green Valley area.

In Vestavia Hills, the homes were all located in the area Tyler Road area.

The crooks apparently did not discriminate on which homes they hit.

"That part is probably unusual, especially that we got tipped off by an alarm.  Usually when they do that people don't find it till they get home from work," said Nagle.

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