How to keep your house warm without breaking the bank

How to keep your house warm without breaking the bank

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - We continue to receive calls into our newsroom about skyrocketing Alabama Power bills due to the recent cold snap. That got us thinking about alternative ways to stay warm without breaking the bank.

"When it gets really, really cold, just know that's when your system is going to use the most power."

That's why you may want to think about alternative ways to heat your home during cold snaps to avoid the shock of a high power bill.

Kerry Adkins with On Time Service says there are a handful of things you can do to warm your home. Adkins says take advantage of the sunshine and let it in your home. Then at night, close your curtains or shades to reduce draftiness. Adkins says you can also caulk up your window frames to seal off leaks.

If you live in an older home, you may also want to consider adding more insulation to your walls and attic.

"Make sure that if you have a fireplace, when you are not using the fireplace, that damper is closed.because an open damper is basically like an open window and it will pull the warm air out of your house," Adkins said.

"If you have a ceiling fans in your house, you can put your ceiling fan on reverse on a lower speed and what that will do is help push that warm air that has risen up to the ceiling back down in the room and make the room feel more comfortable," Adkins said.

Over in your bathroom in the winter, Adkins says leave your exhaust fan off.

"Just open the door in your bathroom and so then you can take advantage of all that warm moist air and it will aid in making your home feel more comfortable," Adkins said.

To save some money on your power bill, Adkins says a programmable thermostat can help save 15 to 20 percent. Also make sure your duct work is leak-free.

"According to Energy Star, the average home loses about 30 percent of airflow just through leaks in the duct work," Adkins said.

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