Tips on how to keep your home flu free

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - For weeks now, there's been news of how to protect yourself from the getting the flu. But what about your home?

Is it ready to battle the virus, too?

Tracie Blair, a co-owner of Maidpro Birmingham says has seen the effects the virus has caused.

"This has been in nine years maid pro's been here and it's the worst I've seen," she says.

When she sends her team out to clean, there are some basics rules they follow that she says all homeowners should do

First, she says, don't think cleaning with an anti-bacterial product is enough.

You must disinfect.

"You need to spray it and let it sit there.  believe it or not, a lot of people just spray it and wipe it," she says.

"You're not doing anything but giving it a shower."

Also, she says, make sure you're thinking about the little things.

"Handles, door handles, switch plates, cabinets, cabinets, things you open every day."

Always make sure that you don't cross contaminate when you clean.

Blair says at Maidpro, they use a color-coded system to avoid this mistake.

"So if you use this in the bathroom, you better use this one," she says holding up a white sponge.

"Then use this one in the kitchen," she says holding up a pink one.  If it's a wet surface, use the blue rag.  If it's for dusting, use the green one."

Don't forget your linen to wash your linens in hot water and spray your pillows, she adds.

Blair says most of their clients have been upfront and warned them if they had the flu.

Still, she makes sure her employees take precautions when entering homes too.

"We're encouraging them to get the flu shot.  We have masks we provide for them.  Wash your hands, use gloves.  We do everything we can to keep them as healthy as possible."

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