If you have the flu, when should you go to the ER?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - When you're battling the flu, you don't feel like doing much of anything.

That can include eating and drinking anything.

But that can be dangerous.

"If you're not taking in enough fluid and not going to the bathroom very much, you may be getting dehydrated and that's a sign you may need to be seen by a physician," says Dr. Rachael Lee, an infectious diseases doctor with UAB.

It could be that you want to eat, but can't keep anything down.

But, Lee says that can lead to dehydration, too.

Sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

Another reason you may need to head to the ER is one you might not be familiar with.

Sometimes getting the flu, can cause you to be confused.

"Sometimes it's where someone comes in and you can't remember their name or what day it is or maybe you're saying something that doesn't make sense to other people," Lee says.

"So if you or your loved one feels confused in any way, you need to call your doctor or get to an ER for further care."

If you have a fever of 104 or higher that just won't break or severe stomach pains or chest pressure you need to seek help immediately.

This is especially true if you have an underlying chronic condition like asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure.

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