Investigators say baby killed by dad died from blunt force trauma

Investigators say baby killed by dad died from blunt force trauma

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide investigators charged a dad with killing his baby girl.

Child abuse prevention specialists weighed in.

Although it's unclear the circumstances surrounding that 20-month old's injuries, experts suspect signs of abuse might have been missed.

"Every child needs a parent, but every parent doesn't need a child," said Lisa Maddox, Child Abuse Prevention Services Director.

That phrase is something we hear often when a child is abused.

"That 20-month-year old baby didn't have a voice," said Maddox.

Kandice Cabbil was just a little over 18 months when investigators said she was found unresponsive by her dad who called 9-1-1.

31-year-old Samuel Darrell Cabbil, the child's father, was charged for his baby's murder.

"You wouldn't think a parent would hurt their child," said Tiffany Webb, a neighbor.

"It's hard to take that it's somebody in the family that has abused the child," said Maddox.

Investigators said at the time of the incident baby Kandice was with her father at Broadmoore Gardens visiting family.

"If you're frustrated with a child or you don't know how to deal with a child you shouldn't be handling that child," said Maddox.

Preliminary autopsy results show Kandice Cabbil died from blunt force trauma and investigators say forensics links the dad to the crime.

Kandice's mom, we're told was at work when her baby girl passed away.

"I just know that's a lot to deal with, try to work two jobs, take care of your kids and then this happens. So yes, my prayers go out to her."

Cabbil was arrested Sunday night according to investigators on other charges not related to his capital murder charge currently.

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