Video captures Calera woman just hours before her death

Video captures Calera woman just hours before her death

CALERA, AL (WBRC) - Surveillance video recorded just hours before Kat West's death was recently uncovered at R & R Wine & Liquor in Calera.

It was recorded around 8:40 p.m. Friday night, January 12. West's body was discovered at her home early the next morning.

A clerk at the store recalled West coming in with a man, she believes is West's husband.

Believed to be on a date night, the couple bought two items: a bottle of Irish Whiskey and a $75 bottle of liqueur.

At one point, the man pats West on her bottom.

It provides more insight into a case on which Calera Police have been very quiet.

News of West's death is receiving national attention.

At one point Friday, a producer from the popular show, Dr. Oz, reached out to the R and R Wine and Liquor, saying the show had lined up an interview with the family.

We have reached out to West's family, but they have not responded.

At this time, the Calera Police Department and Shelby County DA says there are no new details to be released in their investigation.

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