PHOTOS: Lula's first day at WBRC

PHOTOS: Lula's first day at WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Monday was an exciting day at WBRC. The newest member of the family was going to arrive.

And we were excited to meet them!

We've partnered with Service Dogs of Alabama to help train a puppy to become a service dog.

And on Monday, Janet, and the rest of us here at WBRC, got to meet the puppy. An 11-week-old labradoodle.

She was barely in the door when most of the newsroom came to meet her. We just couldn't wait to see the little puppy.

For the next several months our own Janet Hall will be fostering her and beginning her basic training.

Every day the puppy will come with Janet to work and be a part of our newsroom. Which means we get to work with this sweet face each day.

To learn more about Lula and the Service Dogs of Alabama program, click here.

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