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LSU players go through rigors of Senior Bowl week

Christian LaCouture (Source: WAFB) Christian LaCouture (Source: WAFB)
Greg Gilmore (Source: WAFB) Greg Gilmore (Source: WAFB)
DJ Chark (Source: WAFB) DJ Chark (Source: WAFB)
Darrel Williams (Source: WAFB) Darrel Williams (Source: WAFB)

Becoming a professional football player certainly appears to be a bit awkward at times.

The players walk out in front of tons of strangers, then onto a stage wearing nothing but shorts, and next get measured and weighed like cattle.

That's what LSU's Christian LaCouture, Greg Gilmore, DJ Chark, and Darrel Williams did at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL, on Tuesday.

However, it obviously is a huge week of practices in front of the NFL scouts to improve draft positions and prove you belong in the NFL.

"I'm glad Greg [Gilmore] got a chance to come," said LaCouture. "That's something I was really happy with. Him and I had a great year this year and I've been knowing him for a long time. And, he's put in just as much work as I have or anybody on the team and for him to get a chance to come here is awesome."

"It was a last minute thing and it was a blessing in disguise," Gilmore added. "I was talking to my mom and I almost shed a tear. This game is more than just a game to me. It's my lifestyle."

"My speed, my power showed this year, my acceleration," said Williams. 

You finally got a chance?

"Finally got my opportunity ... and I took advantage of it," Williams added.

"I'm a playmaker, I feel like," explained Chark. "I feel like I can change a game. I'm also going to bring leadership and willingness to work - no matter where on the field - special teams, not only returning, being a gunner, being a blocker."

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