No suspects in shooting at Eutaw National Guard Armory

EUTAW, AL (WBRC) - No arrests and no suspects have been identified yet in Sunday morning's shooting at the old Eutaw Army National Guard building, according to Jay Ward, an agent with the State Bureau of Investigation who's looking into the shooting.

Eutaw Mayor Raymond Steele has confirmed the city owns the building where the shooting happened.

And that it was rented out to the Sin City motorcycle club.

But it could be a while before a group like that is allowed to use it again.

Steele admitted he's hesitant to allow motorcycle clubs and other similar groups to use the facility again.

He added he'll also meet with members of the Eutaw Police Department to talk about cracking down on people who may possess guns illegally in the city.

"If they've got illegal guns or guns somewhere in the community, they need to get rid of them because there will be some enforcement to deal with guns on the street," Mayor Steele told WBRC.

Mayor Steele also said the city council meets next Tuesday night and could discuss some changes involving renting out the old national guard armory.

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