Fairfield back open for business after mayor closes several city departments

Fairfield back open for business after mayor closes several city departments

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Fairfield is back open for business. The city council met Saturday in an emergency called meeting where councilors unanimously passed several resolutions to reopen a number of departments.

This comes just a day after Mayor Ed May II closed them until further notice. "What we're doing today is trying to make sure that everyone understands that Fairfield is fully open for business," said Council President Eddie Penny.

May blames this move on the council's decision to de-fund a handful of positions. The mayor went ahead and paid those employees anyway. The council then filed a restraining order to stop that and won.

May said that now leaves him with two full-time employees and a city clerk.

"I have no way of physically, literally opening those buildings other than just simply taking a key up there to unlock the door and leave because I don't have the staff," said May.

He closed the city's magistrate office, civic center, park and recreation department, and city hall on Friday.

On Saturday, the council passed four ordinances that keeps those departments and buildings open during regular business hours.

"How do you keep municipal property open for the public with no staffing at those facilities? Why would they be open for business if there's no staffing?" asked May.

He asked for the community's prayers and said he's working on a strategy to fix the situation.

Other councilors have said there are people who can fill the positions that were de-funded, so the departments could be fully functional.

Here's a look at the restraining order:

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