University of Alabama campus seeing increase in flu cases

University of Alabama campus seeing increase in flu cases

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Fighting the flu is becoming the talk of the University of Alabama campus among some students.

"A couple of my friends have been sick. But there's never been too much hype about the flu," student Sam Beronsky said.

That was until now.

Susan Mitchell, a nurse practitioner at the University Medical Center, explains they have seen 863 students with the flu or pneumonia since December 1, even though school was out for two weeks due to winter break.

"I think they should probably go to one of the student health centers around here and see if they can get their selves straightened out," UA student Chase Merkel said.

They're spraying every exam room with disinfectant at Tuscaloosa's American Family Urgent Care after a patient leaves it to stop illnesses like the flu from spreading.

Most of the people coming here for help are showing up with symptoms like sore throats, coughs, fever, and body aches.

"Ninety percent of the patients we are testing are confirming positive for influenza," Tara Estay, a nurse practitioner went on to say.

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