Crews work to repair Northport school flooded over Christmas break

Crews work to repair Northport school flooded over Christmas break

NORTHPORT, AL (WBRC) - Workers are pushing long hours to try and repair a Tuscaloosa County elementary school after a water pipe burst.

Huntington Place Elementary school officials have a lot on their plate, but they're not letting that get them down.

In fact, school was still able to start on time despite some of the flood damage in the building.

"Water got on the teachers' desk," said Andrea Hamner, Huntington Place Elementary school principal.

Six classrooms felt the wrath of that pipe burst last week and were flooded.

"We were able to jump together as a team to work really hard and helped get all the water off the floors," said Hamner.

Hamner said while they are fixing parts of the school affected by the water, students were moved to additional classrooms and computer labs.

"In a situation like this, I told the students even though something negative happened we're going to have new paint, new floors, new walls," said Hamner.

As far as how much repairs will cost to fix, the principal said they have a pretty good estimate now.

"We did a great job inventorying and taking pictures of the damage and taking pictures of the things destroyed from the water," said Hamner.

Crews are working now to find ways to prevent the next pipe leak.

"We are already re-insulating pipe and getting prepared for any colder weather that may come," said Hamner.

No word yet on when the repairs will be complete.

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