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The University of Alabama is studying ways to reduce veteran suicides

(Source: Ugochi Illoka/WBRC) (Source: Ugochi Illoka/WBRC)

President Trump is speaking out about curbing veteran suicides by improving mental health treatment for them.

However the University of Alabama is looking at other issues aiding to the problem.

UA researchers are set to use the next four years to explore risk factors that contribute to veteran suicides. 

According to researchers, how the community receives veterans is under researched.

The University is collaborating with America’s Warrior partnership and Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation in this $2.9 million project.

They want to figure out what are the near-term predictors like isolation for example.

Were strong social networks and community outreach groups available to those veterans who took their lives?

“We don’t have an adequate picture of how many veterans are taking their lives and this will help with that. Where could we have connected, where could we have touched somebody’s life when they are back, letting them know they are not alone, letting them know they have resources,” said Dr. Karl Hamner Office of Evaluation Director for the College of Education.

Dr. Karl Hamner said  female veterans are about 2.5 times more likely to commit suicide than women who are not veterans. 

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