Out-of-state college students help improve home in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Students from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts didn't need carpentry skills for the work they're doing to a Tuscaloosa homeowner's house.

"It's been very rewarding to be able to give back to people, especially on a break when a lot of time you're giving gifts," Joe Abruzi said.

Abruzi is one of a dozen students in Tuscaloosa through the school's SEND Program.

SEND stands for Students Exploring New Destinations.

The students have been coming to Tuscaloosa over the years to work with Habitat for Humanity, performing rebuilding or repair work since the April 27, 2011 tornado hit the city.

"It meant a lot to come down here. Even though the tornado happened many years ago, we are still trying to help people who had been affected by it, or just someone who needed help down here," Colleen Barry explained.

A home in the Alpine Hills subdivision is one of two in the city where students want to make living conditions better than how they found them.

"It's going to make this house so much warmer," Barry said.

They feel the work will also make them better people in the long run.

"Definitely interacting with the homeowner is making me a better person because she is so appreciative and grateful for everything we're doing," Barry continued.

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