Proposed bill aimed at protecting those who protect church congregations

Proposed bill aimed at protecting those who protect church congregations

NORTHPORT, AL (WBRC) - Church safety is on the minds of a lot of people after a number of deadly church shootings last year. A new proposed bill in Alabama is intended to protect congregations throughout the state.

In churches across the country, safety is being preached more and more.

"Its very sobering for us to have to face these kinds of things. I've done a whole lot of thinking and a whole lot of praying about being prepared..being prepared here at the church," Pastor Greg Strickland of the Northport Church of God said.

A new bill would make it legal for you to use physical or deadly force to defend yourself inside a church without being held criminally responsible. The Church Protection Act would also allow certain church members to be trained by the state to carry firearms.

Pastor Strickland is all for his members to be legally locked and loaded.

"If you were sitting here in the congregation, you would feel much safer knowing that the people who are watching over you have been well trained, well versed in what to do and they are proficient with their firearms if that be necessary," Strickland said.

Safety in the sanctuary is something that's being discussed by law enforcement and congregations throughout Central Alabama. Strickland says it's a conversation that needs to happen more often.

"I've been given a mandate as a man, as a husband, as a father to protect my family and I thank God for second amendment and I think God to live in this country so I can defend myself, my family and God forbid my congregants," Strickland said.

Representative Lynn Greer out of North Alabama is a co-sponsor of the bill. This is his second time introducing this type of legislation. We'll keep up with its progress and let you know what happens this session.

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