Northridge High School floods days before school starts

Northridge High School floods days before school starts

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A major repair effort tries to beat the clock in Tuscaloosa as workers try to deal with the damage done by flooding at a high school.

Just days before school starts again, several pipe lines burst at Northridge High School.

Tuscaloosa City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Daria said they are usually prepared for incidents like this, but this time was a little different and the weather played a big factor.

"This was just abnormally cold weather and in Northridge High School, we actually had three areas where there were breaks," said Daria.

"When they gave out, man did it create a mess," said Girls Basketball Coach Alicia Ware.

Coach Ware walked into a gym that couldn't be used. "We were supposed to practice yesterday, but we came in and it was wet. There was no way we could get on the floor - we didn't even practice on the floor today," said Ware.

After clearing all the water out, crews started the restoring phase in parts of the school left in bad shape.

"Our greatest concern is the classroom space," said Daria.

Officials said 12 classrooms, along with part of the gym and the auditorium were flooded.

"It's unfortunate - we do learn from it. Like in this case, there's one plumbing issue that we saw that we could change where the pipe is located to prevent this kind of thing," said Daria.

"You think you're coming into your building just cleaning up your room, here we are cleaning the whole school up trying to get it ready," said Ware.

Superintendent Daria said if the school isn't completely ready by Monday, they have additional classes where they can move the students to for now.

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