Warming stations available in Tuscaloosa area during cold spell

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Judie Chapman felt she's one of the lucky ones. "This is alright as a safe haven for right now," Chapman said.

She had been living out of a car before someone told her about Jesus Way Homeless Shelter.

The shelter is one of four places being used as warming stations since Tuscaloosa began experiencing freezing temperatures recently.

"It's hard. If they don't have any openings a lot of times they have a waiting list and people that are really down and out and on their luck they need somewhere. It's cold," Chapman added.

When the Salvation Army runs out of space or there are people unable to stay there, Tuscaloosa's Compassion Coalition steps in to help.

"They are good at working with folks that may not fit the exact requirements of a Salvation Army shelter," according to Tuscaloosa County EMA Director Rob Robertson.

The Compassion Coalition works under Tuscaloosa County EMA as a disaster response group helping those in need.

So far, the organization has helped 33 people in the past month find a place to stay at undisclosed area churches.

Chapman said more needs to be done to help those needing shelter to find it. "And when you don't get help it's bad," Chapman went on to say.

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