Recent freeze harming sprinklers, creating extra work for Tuscaloosa firefighters

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The freeze is creating more work for Tuscaloosa firefighters.

Whenever they get a call that there's water flowing in a sprinkler or fire suppression unit, they have to respond, but lately they've found more cracked pipes in sprinkler systems than fires.

Firefighters say the sprinkler or fire suppression systems are out of service because of freezing pipes finally thawing out.

Tuscaloosa Fire Marshall Gene Holcomb says most of the 73 calls they responded to on Tuesday were weather-related.

Firefighters are having property owners maintain a fire watch system in places where the sprinkler system needs to be fixed.

"We have had some in commercial buildings but mostly in apartments. Those are the biggest concerns because we have residents living there," Holcomb explained.

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