Birmingham City Council approves alcohol on pedal bus tours

Birmingham City Council approves alcohol on pedal bus tours

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - You can now enjoy a beer while biking on a pedal bus tour in Birmingham. The City council unanimously changing the law Wednesday to allow riders to enjoy beer and wine on the tours.

Birmingham Pedal Tours, the only bike tour company in the city, has been pushing for the new rules since July.  Co-Founder Jason Kobza applauded the decision.

"This is a progressive move for Birmingham. It will surely expand our customer base and allow Birmingham Pedal Tours to compete with other major cities for tourism," says Jason.

Jason Kobza and his wife started the company, which was approved for tours in April of 2017. They offer rides from Trimtab and Good People. Jason says the old alcohol ordinance was hurting their business.

"We have lost a lot of business because of people will be planning something like a bachelorette party and will choose a different location because drinks aren't allowed on the pedal tour. There's

no reason for Birmingham to lose that kind of revenue," says Jason.

Now customers will be allowed to bring canned beer and wine purchased from one of the breweries, or a licensed package store, to drink while on the pedal bus. Liquor and Glass will be prohibited, and the drinks won't be allowed off the bike.

The pedal buses seat around 14 passengers and operate at speeds around 15 miles per hour.

"We will continue to highlight Birmingham's growing craft beer scene, great restaurants, bars and historic landmarks by expanding our tours beyond the Lakeview & Avondale neighborhoods," says Jason.

Birmingham Pedal Tours says they will collect and recycle the aluminum and all proceeds from the cans will go to charity.

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