A mother is mocked for praying for injured son during Peach Bowl

A mother is mocked for praying for injured son during Peach Bowl

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A mom in Hoover is being mocked for praying for her son who was injured during Auburn's bowl game.

People took to the internet accusing the mother of trying to cast a spell or practicing witchcraft.

It is always hard to watch a player get hurt in sports but imagine how hard it is for that player's mom to watch.

Sherry Wells says instead of letting her mind race with all the tragic possibilities, she turns to God in those moments and that is exactly what she did when her son Darrell Williams got hurt in Auburn's bowl game.

"During the bowl game, he made a tackle and after the tackle I saw him roll over and someone said that's Darrell and I said oh my God what's wrong," Wells explains.

She immediately ran down to get as close as she could to him without getting on the field.

"I went to the far end of the right side where I saw them bringing him to and I reach my hand out. I stretch as far as I could to Darrell and I was like I am going to start praying. I just kept praying and I just kept praying, raise him up lord, raise him us," she says.

But a moment as powerful as that was turned into this, a viral picture plastered to Tweet after tweet with negative comments and even negative headlines.

"It was just an innocent prayer," she states.

Wells says it was humiliating what it was turned into.

"My character is not a voodoo woman, my character is not a spell person. My character is being the woman of God that I am and grateful about it. A praying mother who is praying for her son that is sitting there helpless and seeing the pain and being able to almost feeling," she explains.

She says it is hard for her to watch the video, "It's almost like that's me but because of the way they chose to identify me in their own way, that person and this person is two different people."

Wells says she hope this is a lesson to everyone to think before you say something because you never know what the person on the other end of that picture is going through. Also, the good news is Darrell is going to be okay.

He is walking better now and should be A-okay after some physical therapy.

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