School systems prepared for cold weather

School systems prepared for cold weather

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Educators in some school systems are preparing for students to return to class on Wednesday with brutally cold temperatures outside.

"Well obviously these particular temps are a  little bit different from what we are accustomed too," said Shelby County School Spokesperson Cindy Warner.

When kids come back Wednesday, she said the system will be ready.

That means making sure all buildings are heated and making sure the buses will start.

"The bus drivers met for professional development meetings, and then I am sure they are going after that meeting to check on their buses and make sure they crank and are ready to start their routes in the morning," said Warner.

She also added the system doesn't have many students that walk to school, so that shouldn't be an issue.

The vast majority she says either take the bus or are dropped off by their parents.

"Limiting outdoor exposure during recess or P.E. You know kids are probably going to be kept inside for indoor recess and time in the gym. You know sporting activities, it's winter sports so most of them are all indoors," said Warner.

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