Plumber warns about pipes freezing during cold weather

Plumber warns about pipes freezing during cold weather

SOUTHSIDE, AL (WBRC) - Homeowners have to be aware of frozen pipes this seek.

"I'm expecting a lot of cold weather. A lot of frozen pipes." Terry Smith says owner of plumbing company, Plumb Right Plumbing.

That is exactly what happened Tuesday for Smith. He responded to a call in Southside where an apartment lost hot water from the water heater.

Smith says it was a valve problem and the cold weather created problems for the water heater. Smith says pipes bursting is always a threat.

"When water freezes it expands," says Smith. "A lot of times it expands two sizes of the diameter of the pipe size."

Smith says if you have frozen pipes you can take some steps, such as turning on water faucets, not full force but just allow them to drip to help thaw out the pipes. You can safely use space heaters, turned up moderately to heat up pipes and allow the heat to get into the walls.

Smith also advises precautions for your property if you fear any sort of water leak.

"If you have any kind of carpet laid out where water should be, you want to pull that carpet up. You want to lay out towels where that piping is," says Smith.

Smith says turn off the water to an area where you suspect water pipes are frozen and call a plumber immediately. If there is some water damage you may also want to call you insurance agent for help.

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