Woman finds bullet in bedroom after apparent celebratory gunfire

Woman finds bullet in bedroom after apparent celebratory gunfire

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - For some, ringing in the New Year means firing a weapon up into the air. But what goes up, must come down. 

A woman in Birmingham came home this morning to find a bullet had gone through her bathroom window.

Betsy Stewart noticed it after coming home from a New Year's Eve celebration.

Her house is just off 10th Street South.

"When I looked at the window, there was a new hole in my window pane and I could not figure out where it had come from, if it was a rock or something from the children next door," Stewart said.

Later on in the morning, she found a bullet under her dresser and put two and two together.

"It was a little shocking to find that it was a stray bullet. That's just not something that I've ever experienced," Stewart said.

Almost every year, Birmingham Police get calls about celebratory gunfire. Stewart is thankful no one was upstairs. Her tub and bedroom are near where the bullet came flying in.

"Even something that seems innocent, that bullet has to come down somewhere and whether it's through a window, whether it's through a wall, whether its through somebody, an animal. There's real danger that can be done there. To me shooting a gun is not a celebration. There's plenty of ways to ring in the new year or show your excitement and shooting a gun in the air just doesn't have to be one of them," Stewart said.

We're told extra police patrols were out on New Year's Eve to try and cut down on celebratory gunfire. BPD also uses its gunfire detection system ShotSpotter to try and find those shots as well. In the past, officers say they've seen a decrease in this type of gunfire because of ShotSpotter.

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