People trying to avoid frigid temperatures

People trying to avoid frigid temperatures

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - No question the weather has been beneficial to Keith Foust's bottom line.

"It's been real good with this cold weather," said Foust, who sells firewood.

He was out on Highway 280 Monday meeting with customers who are trying to keep warm in these below freezing conditions.

But when he's not making a deal, Foust is also trying to avoid Jack Frost.

"Get in that truck and turn that heater on," he joked.

Temperature signs across Central Alabama showed frigid temperatures Monday.

Homewood Central Park looked like a ghost down.

On an otherwise beautiful holiday, no one was jogging, playing on the playground, or sitting on a bench.

The park was completely empty, a sign of how cold it really is.

"We're talking about just 30 minutes can cause frostbite," said WBRC Fox 6 Meteorologist Jill Gilardi.

Because of that, Gilardi is glad to see people are limiting their outdoor time.

However if you do have to be out, she says it's important to bundle up.

"It's wearing those layers, making sure that if you have to be outside, most of your skin is covered up and that you don't have to stay out there for a long

duration. Even if your skin is covered up because hypothermia can also be a concern as well," said Gilardi.

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