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Animal Control warns leaving pets in freezing could cause neglect charges


In the cold weather we're about to experience, it only takes a couple of hours for your pet to show signs of hypothermia.

What most people don't know is that dogs regulate their heat from the bottom of their feet so when it is cold outside, it is hard for them to warm up. 

Olivia Swafford with Animal Control says keeping your dog in a dog house or a garage is still dangerous when temperatures drop this low. They say to put them inside to prevent hypothermia which can lead to a coma or death for your pet. If you do not do this you can face serious consequences for neglect and potentially have your dog taken away.

"It could be anywhere from a misdemeanor charge to a felony charge depending on the type of damage it does to your dog. If it caused up to death I would say that would be something that local police would pursue criminally," Swafford explains.

Animal control says if you see any pets kept outside for long periods of time during this cold snap they ask that you call them or your local police.

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