Influenza activity up around the state

Influenza activity up around the state

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama Department of Public Health is putting out a warning that influenza-like activity is on the increase across the state.

The flu is very contagious and that's why health officials are asking you to take steps now to cut down on the illness that is only going to grow.

Anyone can get the flu, but it's a big threat to children, pregnant women, and older adults.

The Jefferson County Health Department will tell you it's not too late to get those flu shots.

The head of the Disease Intervention program also advises to step on handwashing to increase your chances of staying healthy also cover your mouth. The other big tip if you are sick, stay home.

"If you are sick, we advise you stay at home. That means from work and school. Avoid crowds, as well as social gatherings. It's the time of year we have family gatherings and social gatherings," Stephanie Ayers-Millsap with the Jefferson County Public Health Department said.

Be on alert for the symptoms fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, and muscle aches.

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