Soldiers teaching the next generation of fighters in Hoover

Soldiers teaching the next generation of fighters in Hoover

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Many soldiers, home for the holidays, are spending time educating the next generation of fighters by giving them an insight into boot camp.
Basic training for the Army definitely gets you out of your comfort zone.

Just ask recent graduates.

"Any fear that you have, you are going to conquer it during basic training and that's going to give you the confidence and the will to overcome the challenges that you deal with in the future," Pfc. Stanley Williams said.

A handful of soldiers lending some advice today to those who are about to serve their country.

"You really learn how to get over things like any problem you have like physically, mentally. You learn how to just push past it and drive on," Private Hannah May said.

These soldiers say basic training is anything but basic, it's a grueling challenge that pushes them to their limits and makes them better people.

The person I was before the Army was someone I don't want to go back to," Spc. Darrius Head said.

It's a journey that transforms civilians into soldiers and a rite of passage for those willing to stand on the front lines to keep America free.

"Putting on for my country, you know, because it's one percent that only does this and I wanted to be that one percent."

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