Plenty of Sugar Bowl tickets are still available

Plenty of Sugar Bowl tickets are still available

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Allstate Sugar Bowl site will tell you, tickets are sold out and have been for months, but there are plenty of options to get a seat in the Super Dome.

Tickets are still available and here's why.

"The Clemson side has kind of gotten "Alabama-itis," where they've been there, done that two years in a row now. So, the elements of a first-time team getting in there is not a big deal, said Steve Susce, Ticket Broker and Co-Owner of AAATix

Susce said location is also a factor for some Clemson fans. The game is in New Orleans.

"It's an exciting game for New Year's Day. It's holding up, but it's not crazy good. Alabama is covered, but Clemson is kind of holding back on their end just because of the travel."

But he said it's ideal for Bama fans.

"You have one drivable team, Alabama, which makes it a bigger game if you're drivable. When a team is drivable to a venue, it makes it that much easier for people to spend money on a ticket rather than all the other expenses."

He says Alabama fans are loyal and are still picking up tickets. So how much will it cost you to get in the game? It all depends on what you consider reasonable.

"You can get in the game right around $200. The lower levels are right around the $375 area. It sounds like a lot of money, but for a game of this statute, it's a pretty reasonably priced game."

He said that amount could go higher or lower. He said some fans are waiting to see if their team will make it to the National Championship game.

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